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COC Supportive Housing

Continuum of Care (COC), funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), funds projects to help house people who are experiencing homelessness. Housing Connect utilizes these funds to provide housing for chronically homeless individuals and families. To qualify, the head of household must have been homeless for an entire year (at one time or across four episodes) and have a disabling condition.

COC Supportive Housing Resources

Homeless Resource Centers
Homeless Resource Centers
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The Road Home
The Road Home
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Volunteers of America – Homeless Services
Volunteers of America – Homeless Services
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Housing Connect Track

FAQs About COC Supportive Housing

  • How do I apply for COC housing?

    All COC housing resources must utilize the Coordinated Entry System, and therefore cannot be applied for directly. Homeless outreach workers or Resource Center staff may help you obtain assistance through this funding.

  • If I am chronically homeless, am I guaranteed housing assistance?

    Funding for COC Permanent Supportive Housing is limited and households are prioritized by vulnerability. An outreach worker or Resource Center staff member can help assess needs and likelihood of receiving housing assistance.

  • How do I find out where I am on the waitlist for assistance?

    In the past, waitlists have been used for COC housing resources, but are no longer in place. All referrals for housing assistance come through the Coordinated Entry Process which can be accessed by outreach workers or Resource Center staff.

  • How long can I use the housing assistance?

    All COC projects operated by Housing Connect are permanent. This means that as long as you qualify—and we have funding—we can continue to serve you and help you maintain stable housing.

  • What type of housing is available through this program?

    Housing Connect provides project-based and tenant-based assistance.

    Project-based assistance is tied to a specific apartment community and the assistance must remain at that location.

    Tenant-based assistance allows a participant to find a suitable unit in the community and may allow the participant to move with continued assistance.

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