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This calculator has been created to calculate the estimated portions for the client and for Housing Connect. The rent for the unit can never be higher than the comparable rent determined by Housing Connect regardless of the payment standard. If the contract rent is higher than the appropriate payment standard, the family share cannot be greater than 40% of the household’s adjusted monthly income. Housing Connect must use the smaller of the number of bedrooms in the unit or the number of bedrooms on the voucher. A utility allowance schedule is used in determining family share and Housing Connect’s subsidy.

Fill in the fields below and the form will automatically calculate. To receive a copy of the estimate, fill in your email at the bottom. If you have any further questions, please contact your Housing Specialist.

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Provided by Housing Connect
Provided by Housing Connect
Provided by Housing Connect

Our Calculations
TTP is the highest of the following amounts, rounded to the nearest dollar:
30% of the family's monthly adjusted income
10% of the family's monthly gross income
The minimum rent of $50

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