Housing Authority Is Now Housing Connect

For nearly 50 years, the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake has been dedicated to assisting people with their housing needs.

As our expertise, experience, and success has grown, our agency has diversified and evolved. Our innovative and nationally-recognized housing developments and services have extended to serve communities beyond Salt Lake County.

To better reflect how we’ve changed—and to emphasize our core strength at connecting people with the resources they need—we are excited to present our new brand and name.

Say hello to Housing Connect!

At Housing Connect, we believe that a home is a space that offers safety and comfort. Our homes also ground us, remind us of our deepest values and hopes, and provide the inspiration we need to better our lives and those of our families.

We believe that access to safe and affordable housing should be a basic human right. But for many this isn’t easily attainable. This dynamic presents itself in numerous ways in our community. We have individuals and families in our community who are currently experiencing homelessness. Families who reside in less than ideal conditions, doubled up and unsure how much longer they will be welcome when they are just trying to keep their kids safe and warm. Others, be it seniors or disabled veterans, living on fixed incomes who, without housing assistance, have to make difficult decisions about whether to pay rent or pay for the prescriptions/healthcare they need to live a healthy life. The dynamic can also be seen with those we warmly welcome to our state who have immigrated as refugees to a safer place, only to find that making it home is most difficult when housing prices are out of reach.

In pursuit of the goal of safe, affordable housing for all, Housing Connect will continue its role as a leader in finding solutions to the affordable housing crisis affecting our communities. We are the connectors. Over the past 50 years, we’ve connected thousands of Utahns with what they need to find stable ground, and we’ve been recognized locally and nationally for our work.

We know that our work may never be finished. But we’ll keep doing what we do—again and again—until all those in need have a space to call home.

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